Ministry Leaders

Paul Hull - Elder

John Hull - Elder

Denny Martin - Evangelist

Mark McMurry - Evangelist

Married for more than 30 years, I am blessed with a fantastic wife and a bunch of kids that all call me “Pops”. I have enjoyed serving five churches during a ministry spanning more than 35 years. Working for the Lord at RiverCity has been the high point for me. Planting a new church is the most gratifying and exciting kind of ministry I have had in a very long time! With many responsibilities in a growing church, I especially love sharing the Gospel of Jesus, whether it happens while preaching or teaching at church or sitting around the dinner table at a small group meeting. With so much to do, I must not forget to give much of the credit for any success we have to my good wife Kathy! She is a critical part of my life and ministry and this just would not be possible without all she does!